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Cube sits alongside every chapter of an interior project

We offer the convenience of design, interior design (optional), 
manufacture and installation.

Cabinetry Design Menu:
-Initial meet & greet including a 1 hour meeting in our showroom, including commentary.

-Initial 1 hour onsite meeting - $350 + gst

-Kitchen design concept - from $3,000 + gst

-Bathroom design concept - from $1,000 + gst

-Laundry, entertainment & office design - from $1,000 + gst

All services include:
-Bespoke concepts designed to make the most of the space available. -Advice on materials, lighting, flooring & room alterations.

* Concept plans & renders remain the property of cube dentro. Plans & renders are released upon placement of your cabinetry order and payment of a 15% deposit

Cabinetry Design - What You Can Expect

We know the design and delivery process of our work is important, here’s how we work together:


We can add value to your new house or renovation long before it goes in for consent. We appreciate viewing your house plans and getting familiar with the function of your space.


Our first consultation is a relaxed, informative session about how you wish to rest, move, work and enjoy your space. This valuable information becomes our brief and is the blueprint for understanding your budget and desired aesthetics. It’s an important step in the process, never rushed and always enjoyed.

Design Proposal

Drawing on the latest industry techniques and the overall aesthetic of your home, a concept is developed for consideration. Over a face-to-face presentation, we will introduce the design, drawing attention to the finer details and our rationale for the ideas pitched. We take this chance to fine-tune your feedback and discuss products to incorporate. From here, estimated pricing will be pulled together.


When you have agreed to the design, any amendments have been made and the order placed, we require a 15% deposit. At this stage, the initial drawings are released and we can move forward with production.


Site measurements are taken by one of our experienced cabinet makers. You can expect a lead time of about 6-12 weeks depending on the scope and size of the space. As part of our service, we invite you to inspect your kitchen prior to delivery. Our team will be in regular contact with your contractors to agree on your installation date.


Our team will liaise with you to arrange a suitable time for the cabinetry to be delivered onsite. The installation of your cabinetry is an exciting step in the process, expectations are running high and all of the work is coming to fruition! To run smoothly, we guide you through the steps for being prepared onsite.

Final Sign-Off

To finalise the journey and ensure you are completely happy, we arrange to meet you onsite for a final inspection, we believe our work is only complete when you are thrilled with the results.


To ensure there are no surprises at any stage in the process, we have set out a payment policy as follows: 15% initial deposit which is required at the time of acceptance (Concept drawings and renders given for review). 35% progress payment required at time of site measure. 45% progress payment required at time of factory inspection. Final 5% paid on completion

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Interiors By Cube Dentro

We approach every project with individualism and a benchmark to enhance everyday lifestyles into something truly unique.

Interior Design Menu:
-Complete interior design and installation solutions for new builds and renovations (in both the residential and commercial space).

-Soft furnishings, furniture, window treatments and accessories

-Selecting finishes and fittings, colour consultation of exterior and interior, floor coverings, hardware choices, kitchen and bathroom finishes and lighting recommendations

-Product procurement, delivery and placement, plus art consultation and art commissions

Interior Design - What You Can Expect

Your interior design experience deserves to be stress-free and rewarding. Here’s how we work together:


Our first consultation is relaxed and collaborative. We take the time to listen and learn about your ideal interior and understand how you like to function and relax within a space. This valuable meeting paves the way for an interior design brief, expectations around budget and desired timeframes.


To form a visual presentation of your project, we now pull together all of the inspiration discussed in our first consultation. Concepts come to life over mood boards, along with examples of colour palettes, textures and product ideas. Price indications become more detailed, along with timelines.


Once the concepts have been approved, our procurement work begins. You are kept well informed during this phase as we begin ordering fixtures, fittings, lighting, fabrics and so on. We also begin connecting with your tradespeople and suppliers to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our access to trade-only suppliers will ensure your budget can work hard across the entire project.


Bringing everything together onsite, we now place, style and hang items, accessories and art as required. These little finishing touches are a vital step in the process but can be tailored to suit your needs.