Jewel In The Crown
Jewel In The Crown

Working with Cube Dentro on a full interior design service, this family of three requested a contemporary response to their sleek new home.

The client brief called for strong individualism, decadent statement features (without compromising on function), uncomplicated ‘heavy-use’ rooms and plenty of high-tech solutions to everyday rituals. Finally, ‘white-on-white’ design would be shunned!

Expansive joinery across the entire footprint meant natural light was very generous and wall space minimalised. This encouraged us to design a focal point for each room, and for the kitchen it was the exciting angled black cabinetry with hand-laminated brass inserts.

The TV snug allowed us to play with a darker, moody colour palette to draw guests into a cosy space. For cohesion, the brass is repeated in here. Softer curves in the sofa are a reprieve from otherwise linear styling. To tie in the story, colours from the print are also found in the décor accents.

In the master bedroom, interest is created with a headboard, which also anchors the bed into the space.

Continuing a theme of luxe and drama, the ensuite is a much-loved space. Again, a moody colour palette exudes elegance and solidity. Cutting through the darker hues is a repeat of brass accents and tapware, well-placed strip lighting and generous mirrors.

A simple study is stylish and encourages productivity, unsightly paperwork and clutter is hidden behind sleek cabinetry. Across the home, lighting has played an important role in both function and fashion, here it is used to highlight the woodgrain and illuminate ideas on a screen.

Every corner of this beautiful home has lived up to the exacting standards of its owners.

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